ADHD Treatment Centers in Jefferson, North Carolina

You aren’t a “hot mess.” You just need to

learn how to support your brain and let your brain support you!

ADHD Treatment Centers in North Carolina

Sound Familiar?

  • You are always late, forget appointments, miss deadlines, and lose important items.
  • You’ve been told you are “too much,” “too busy,” or “too loud” so often that you are convinced something is wrong with you.
  • You know what to do and can’t understand why you can’t make yourself do it.
  • Everything seems so much harder for you than the people around you.
  • You are exhausted from having to act like you have it all together.
  • You feel disrespected at work and with friends but at least part of you feels like you maybe deserve to be treated this way.
  • You have very mixed feelings about the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD.

Treating ADHD with medication alone is ridiculous. When you have a true treatment plan and the support you need, you're going to find that treating your ADHD is life changing.

You aren’t a “hot mess.” You just need to

learn how to support your brain and let your brain support you!

My approach is Different.

ADHD Treatment Centers in North Carolina, USA

I do NOT prescribe controlled substances via telehealth. Stimulant medications are controlled substances and can be an important part of treatment. If you need stimulant medication, we will make a plan to connect you with a prescriber who can meet your needs.

But don’t I need medication?

ADHD Treatment tablets

Possibly, maybe even probably.

My goal is for you to have the best care possible. Unfortunately, our healthcare system doesn’t always make this easy. I am licensed in 2 states and live in a rural region on the NC and VA border that isn’t convenient to a lot of people. In order to prescribe controlled substances, you must be seen in person. This is my ethical standard until the DEA system adjusts for the realities and benefits of telehealth and even then, I will only prescribe controlled substances with the utmost care and still may opt to see people in person for these prescriptions. What this means is I will prescribe non-stimulant medications for ADHD and if this is not sufficient, I will work with your PCP or your local mental health prescriber so that you can continue your therapy with me and receive your stimulant medication from them.

If you are only interested in stimulant medication to treat your ADHD, you will want to find a different provider.



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