Group Therapy

We’re better together.
Why Group...

You are not alone!

In group therapy we learn and grow together, practice new skills, and form a safe community where we have an opportunity to give as well as receive. For many patients, group therapy is as essential, if not more helpful, than their individual work.
Cost Effective

Group sessions are typically less expensive than individual therapy or therapy intensives.

Sense of Belonging and Trust

You are welcome to be yourself. If you aren’t sure what that looks like, this will be a safe space of discovery.

Giving to Others

Not only are you not alone, you are needed. Your presence in group not only enriches your life, it will also enrich the lives of the other group members.

Group Therapy
We all need a safe space to connect with, learn from, and grow with the support of others. In group therapy, we become better together and truly see that we are not alone.
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Group therapy is perfect for clients who want to build skills in a safe community, practice the skills they have already learned-including communication, unmasking, social, and interpersonal skills, and give back to others with shared experiences and needs.
This depends on the client. For financial, logistical, and personal goal reasons, some clients prefer group therapy and find it adequate for their needs.
I do not file insurance for group therapy. The rate of group therapy is $50/session for 8 sessions. You must pay the full amount, even if you do not attend all the sessions. You may pay the full cost in advance or weekly after each session.
You must be located in NC or VA at the time of your service. Currently, these services are offered virtually only.
Great question! I take great care in setting up my groups to make sure the groups will be cohesive and effective at helping each client reach their therapy goals. It is expected that there may be mild interpersonal conflicts during group and I am trained in helping facilitate these challenges when they arise. In fact, experiencing differences in a safe space can be a great way to learn and an important part of your group work. That said, your safety is my top priority and I will work to make sure every participant stays within their window of tolerance.
Clients who do not have baseline emotion regulation, have extensive trauma that is triggered in group settings that has not been treated in individual therapy, or clients who cannot follow the group rules should not participate in group. I am committed to recognizing, addressing and eradicating all forms of racism, ethnic oppression, religious intolerance, negative judgments regarding neurodivergence or ableism, sexual or gender discrimination, and any mistreatment of marginalized communities. This language and these behaviors will not be allowed in group.
I do not currently have openings for individual therapy but I will help you find a therapist that will be a good fit.
No. You may come to group as a new patient only for group therapy.
I do not currently have openings for medication management but I will help you find a prescriber that will be a good fit.
No. Assessment and diagnosis are separate processes from group therapy. I do not currently have openings for new clients seeking assessment and diagnosis.
Of course! I will have you sign a release of information so I can communicate with your therapist as needed.
Payment is due at the time of service. You may pre-pay for all 8 sessions or pay weekly at the time of service. By joining group, you are committing to attending all sessions and will be responsible for the cost of each session even if you do not attend.
You will have opportunity to share you needs and requests for ongoing group sessions.
No. Of course not. However, being a part of group means that you are committing to showing up and participating. If you do not feel capable of participating verbally, please be sure to share this in your intake forms and consultation call so we can make appropriate goals for your time in group.
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