Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in West Jefferson, NC

Values and Mental Health

When you become an adult, suddenly you are pulled from so many directions and the overwhelm from the expectations from those around you can feel suffocating often leading to feelings of failure, anxiety, and depression.


This can be especially tricky if you also have to deal with unwanted intrusive thoughts.


Through acceptance and commitment therapy, people who are feeling confused and overwhelmed can experience clarity and insight by learning how to identify, describe, and hold true to their values leading to more confidence and less overwhelm.


Choice Point

Acceptance and commitment therapy isn’t just about learning more about yourself, with ACT you will experience the freedom of releasing struggle and leaning into your values through intentional and WORKABLE ACTION.

If you have felt hopeless, overwhelmed, unmoored, or like you have lost a piece of yourself, incorporating ACT techniques can help you reconnect and start LIVING your best life.

Just like life is better when we show up for its experiences, ACT is a therapy approach styled so that you and your provider will show up together for a therapy experience!




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