• When clients receive the mental health support they need, society as a whole improves. I welcome referrals from other healthcare providers, therapists, and family members.  In fact, most of the time when a client engages in my services, they have been guided or assisted by another concerned person.     


  • I serve clients 18 and older via telehealth in NC and VA. I offer limited in-person appointments for local clients. Clients do not have to be college students or pregnant or breastfeeding to receive my services but I have additional training and support for those clients. I do not accept insurance. I will provide Superbills for OON clients upon request. My therapy approaches are person-centered, motivational interviewingacceptance and commitment therapycognitive behavioral therapy, and Brainspotting.


  • To help a client engage in care, I encourage you to direct clients to the website where they can complete their welcome packet simply by clicking the “request appointment” button.  This can even be done during your office appointment or with the assistance of office staff when time or resources allow.  No referral form is needed, clients can self-refer and self-schedule.  Clients or providers may also call directly and leave a message with their name and contact number and they will be called to schedule (336-290-1396).


  • Clients tend to feel most comfortable seeking services when their own provider offers a personal recommendation.  If you would like to set up a zoom meeting to meet me and discuss my services and process, please reach out at heather.herman@joyspringmentalhealth.com.
  • All clients are instructed to provide a primary care provider and therapist (if they have one) for communication and continuity of care.  At the conclusion of an intake, or when important changes are made, you will be sent a summary letter.
  • I have limited availability for traditional therapy services and I am always glad to connect with therapists who I can refer to. 

Embedding Perinatal Mental Health in Your Own Practice

There are several key barriers to accessing perinatal mental health and I am working diligently to overcome them.
Most healthcare providers who are not specifically trained in psychiatry, do not feel comfortable completing mental health assessments, diagnoses, or treatment plans. Even those trained in psychiatry, are often not specifically trained in the nuances of mental health in the perinatal population.

I offer webinars and online trainings and articles to support other health professionals in understanding all the ins and outs of perinatal screening, referral, and essential patient resources.

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Mental healthcare in this country can be cost prohibitive for many moms. The most common question I get from other healthcare providers is "do you take Medicaid?" Unfortunately, I do not. However, I do not believe cost should be a barrier to receiving mental healthcare. In order to share the burden of mental healthcare cost, I create virtual workshops that can be offered as service to your clients via a membership to Joy Spring Online Learning.

For information, please contact me directly at 336-390-1396 or email heather.herman@joyspringmentalhealth.com

Many moms are not able to access traditional services due to cost, time constraints, lack of childcare, stigma, or general lack of knowledge about basic mental health, signs of illness, or possible treatment modalities. Virtual workshops that are offered as a service by your practice to your clients make it very easy for clients to receive support in a manner that overcomes all of these common barriers.
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