Knowledge is power!!! Accessing power is a form of therapy 😉

I LOVE teaching!

In a former version of myself, I worked as a health educator. Before that, my first entrance into healthcare was as a Registered Nurse. Core to every area of nursing is patient education. Is it the fiber woven into everything we do as patient caregivers and advocates.

Every encounter I have with my clients includes psychoeducation. It is one thing to “take the treatment” and entirely another to understand the why behind your options.

In addition to the routine education I offer during sessions (including handouts-I love a good handout!), I also offer custom speaking/teaching services for businesses, schools, and faith communities. This is a great way for more people to get the information they need.

Psychoeducation in North Carolina and Virginia
Mental health education belongs everywhere-in our homes, our places of work, our places of worship, our classrooms, our places of play, and our areas of rest. At all times and in all places, we should be inspired, supported, reminded, and educated about how to take care of our mental health. There is a remedy to the stigma and poor mental health in our society and it begins with education.

How do I teach?

With stories, participant interaction, movement, and fun!

How does it work?

Schedule your free Consultation.

During your consultation we will discuss what your organization is looking for and how we can best work together.

Finalize your proposal.

Once we have the consultation, I will create a detailed proposal outlining exactly what you can expect. You will review and we will adjust this information until we have the perfect program for your needs!

Make sure to promote your event!

I want to make sure that your program meets as many people as you need it to. Part of your proposal will include how we will promote your event.

What do you teach?

Each course/program is custom-created to match the needs of your group or organization.

Common content requested:

  • Basic psychology and neurobiology
  • Mindfulness
  • Self-regulation skills
  • ACT Basics-values based decision making, choice point
  • Suicide prevention
  • Trauma-informed practices for youth leaders and educators
  • ADHD skills strategies
  • Sleep hygiene
  • The transition to parenthood, pregnancy, postpartum
  • Adulting 101-communication, organization, prioritization, motivation, time management, relationship safety, career exploration
  • Forgiveness in the context of trauma
  • Values based communication
  • Cognitive distortions and what to do when we have them
  • Psychopharmacology for the non-prescriber
  • Burnout prevention and recovery


During your consultation call, we will review exactly what you hope to achieve in your program, your target audience, your budget, and your venue to create a custom package tailored to the unique needs of your group or organization. This will include information about promoting your program and generating funds for your program. While the upfront cost can be expensive, the return on improved mental health for your organization is priceless. The cost is easily offset by cost-sharing and fundraising.


Custom pricing at the rate of $300/hr including preparation time, teaching time, marketing development (if applicable) and travel expenses (if applicable).


A: No. You are responsible for providing and making arrangements for the venue and providing maintaining the liability for hosting the event.
A: No. This is up to you. Sometimes several organizations/groups prefer to work together and co-promote and pay for a single event.
A: No. Each participant will receive any applicable materials for attending but due to liability reasons and a need to make sure that my content stays up-to-date, I retain all rights to the material created. It may not be reproduced or reused at future events without permission.
A: Yes. During your consultation call, we will discuss your needs for marketing your event.
A: Yes. This will be discussed at your consultation call. If marketing assistance is needed, our staff will assist for an additional fee.
A: Some organizations charge a small fee for attendance or collect donations at the door. Other organizations seek funding through charitable contributions. For example, school systems may work together to have their PTO or booster clubs cover the cost of the program.
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