Anxious Thoughts Giving You a Black Eye?

Do you want to STOP worrying or START engaging in the present? For parents struggling with anxiety, intrusive thoughts, feelings of failure, or past traumas-this question can seem like a no-brainer. Obviously, they want to stop worrying. After all, that seems like the first step to engaging in the present. It turns out, it is […]

Defeating Postpartum Anxiety in the Friend Zone

Becoming a new mom can be isolating. At a time when new moms need more support than ever, it can be logistically challenging to find the time and energy to connect. It’s like you’ve never needed a friend more and you suddenly don’t have time for, relate to, or even have the friend you need. […]

Love After Baby-There’s Something Between Us

When it comes to romance, having a baby changes everything. There literally can be a baby between you. This doesn’t mean romance is dead but it does mean you will have to go the extra mile and revitalize your relationship. This requires ASSERTIVE communication which is not easy when you are well-rested and in the […]